How to Deal With Stage Fright?

  Butterflies, cold sweat and racey heart. All this is familiar to me. I have been suffering from stage anxiety as long as I can remember. Even though I consider myself as an outgoing person, thinking of giving a speech makes the feeling of anxiety arouse. I’m not the only one. Public speaking is said … Continue reading “How to Deal With Stage Fright?”
Source: compassion is needed for success

The Surprising Link Between Compassion And Success

Some more ideas from Silicon Valley entrepreneur and virtual world expert Jyri Engstrom.

Jyri Engstrom
Jyri Engstrom

I met him last summer in the backyard of his Helsinki home. When talking with him I noticed (to my surprise!) that the most significant thing among Valley technology elite seem to be appreciation of nature and authentic encounters with other people. Engstrom thinks that the biggest challenge for educators now is empathy and he asks can technology play a role enabling new ways for children to have empathy skills?