Learning and zest

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Jyri Engstrom
Jyri Engstrom

A Silicon Valley entrepeneur Jyri Engstrom has something to say about learning and zest. I met him in his lovely summer paradise in Helsinki. But let me introduce him first. Engstrom has made his career in USA, Silicon Valley creating social media platforms – Jaiku (acquired by Google) and Ditto (acquired by Groupon). He now works as an Entrepreneur in venture capital firm that has invested in technology companies. Together with his partner Caterina Fake he runs Sesat School, a micro-school in San Francisco. They have three children and as a hobby they run together a coffee shop nearby their Helsinki home.

According to Jyri Engstrom children are attracted to the virtual world because there they have more agency, they can manipulate things the way they are not allowed to do in the real (adults) world. The virtual world expert throws a question: how to expand children’s agency and improve their zest for learning in the real world?

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