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I read Ross W Greene’s classic piece Lost at School and I was very inspired by his ideas. He writes that it’s easy for us to think that children act correctly and behave well if they just want to; that acting correctly and behaving well only depend on the desire to do so. However, that’s not the case. Children act correctly when they have sufficient skills to do so.

I find this revolutionary, because it obviously challenges the general attitude towards “troublemakers” and other “misfits”. I was recommended to read Greene’s book by a teacher who teaches children with special needs.

Kaisa Vuorinen had noticed that many of children with special needs have received so much negative feedback that we should change direction and start supporting what is positive in them. They certainly need strong guidance and someone to show them how to regulate their emotions and behavior. I had a chance to follow Vuorinen’s teaching in the classroom and saw in practice how she works with children.

She has developed with her colleagues new ways to encounter children. She used new ways to teach them skills to learn and regulate their behavior. I got a good lesson on how to strengthen child’s perseverance, self-control and courage among other things. This visit to school changed my interaction with my own child.

I realized that perseverance, self-control and courage are skills that can be taught.

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