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Karen Young’s book “Hey Warrior”

If your child gets easily anxious and worried, I highly recommend Karen Young’s book Hey Warrior. The best thing is that the book is written for children, to empower them. Young points out that kids can do amazing things with the right information. When a child understands why anxiety feels the way it does and where the physical symptoms come from it’s much easier for a child to turn anxiety around.

The book works for children from 5 years up to 12, but I would say that even older children will benefit from this information. (My almost 13-year-old son appreciates the new information he got: “At least I know that it’s my amygdala which causes it!”) As a psychologist Young explains all this skillfully and clearly, what happens in brain when a person gets anxious and why it happens. Then she gives good tools to resolve the challenge and all the way she points out that there is nothing wrong with feeling anxious. She writes: ”Always remember, anxiety is a sign that you’re about to do something really brave. Anxiety and courage always exist together – always.”

The book is beautifully illustrated by Norvile Dovidonyte.

Link to Karen Young’s book Hey Warrior.

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