A Message That Has Evoked Parents

A retired teacher Paolo Gandra found a reminder note written on the notice board of a Portuguese school. He got it translated and put it in social media. As a result it spread instantly. It has been a hot topic in social media here in Finland, shared tens of thousands of times.

Here is the message:

“Dear parents,

Please remember that your responsability is to teach your child the magic words: hello, thank you, please and I am sorry.
Your task as a parent is also to guide your child to be honest, hard-working, broad-minded, to be in time and respect other children and teachers.
At home your child should also learn how to behave properly, not to talk with a full mouth and not to throw garbage on the ground.
As a parent you should also teach your child to be organized, to take care of his/her own belongings and respect for the belongings of the others.
We teachers here at school teach your child math, history, languages and physical training. We strengthen the upbringing that your child has received from you at home.”

Why this reminder note touches us so much? After all it is a simple note from the school teachers to the parents of pupils concerning their parenting responsibilities.

Is it because we parents work long hours and we trust so much the Finnish school system and teachers that they will take care of our children in every way? So, we have kind of transferred the responsibility from ourselves to the teachers and it makes us feel guilty when someone reminds us of our responsibilities as parents. You’ve got a job to do at home as well.

What kind of thoughts does this evoke in you?


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